SuperPro Suspension Upgrades Now Available

As some of you might have noticed, we’ve added the SuperPro line of suspension upgrades to our online store. However, some of you might not be so familiar with them or what their products can do for your vehicle. So read on to find out more about the great suspension upgrades available from SuperPro.

Anyone familiar with upgrading the suspension on VW and Audi vehicles knows that the usual limitation after replacing your stock shocks and springs lies in the various suspension bushings and supporting hardware. From the factory most VW and Audi vehicles come with fairly soft rubber bushings that tend to flex and move far too much under the extra stresses of a lowered car on coilovers or a cup kit.  SuperPro produces bushing upgrades that replace these soft factory parts with stiffer, more controllable polyurethane to give your car that extra handling and turn in feel that the factory bushings cannot produce. Each of these bushings is custom molded and manufactured to fit perfectly into the required location so that they function perfectly and install directly with no hassles.

In addition to upgraded bushings, SuperPro also produces several other great suspension upgrades for various VW and Audi vehicles:

The SuperPro lightweight control arms are significantly lighter that the stock steel arms and feature better geometry for spirited daily or track driving. These come pre-installed with SuperPro bushings for a complete out of the box upgrade.

For that extra bit of adjustability that isn’t possible from your stock suspension, install a set of SuperPro’s adjustable ball joints.¬† Adding these will add camber adjustment previously not available on B6, Mk5 and Mk6 vehicles. This extra camber adjustment is a must to get the most out of a set of coilovers or a cup kit.

Finally, SuperPro has a full lineup of swaybars for all Mk5 and Mk6 vehicles. Each of their swaybars are heavy duty and feature changeable stiffness  settings so that you can dial in your vehicle to the level of control that you prefer.

The entire line of VW and Audi SuperPro upgrades are available on our online store and either of our shops are more than capable of installing them. If you’d like to talk about having a SuperPro part installed on your vehicle, or would just like some more information about their wide range of products, please feel free to contact us.