Why Choose NGP?

With so many performance shops, online stores, auction websites and other sources to purchase your parts from, why should you shop with us here at NGP? We like to think that it’s a fairly simple reason: We eat, sleep, live and breathe performance for VW and Audi vehicles, and we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We are not going to be happy until you are, and whether you buying a $40 pair of side markers, a $5000 engine build or have a huge $20,000 project planned out, we provide the same level of service and assistance. In addition, NGP is here to help you after the point of sale…with warranty concerns, installation questions, or what the next step could be with your car. Just give us a call at the shop, email our sales department or stop by the showroom. We are happy to provide answers for any inquiry, from the most simple to most difficult, in order to find solutions for your needs.

Check out what some of our customers say about the NGP Crew:*
*all comments below were unsolicited and were sent in email form to one of our mailboxes.

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Just wanted to give you guys a HUGE thank you. Your staff is top notch and the knowledge is industry leading in my opinion. I had a mk7 GTI and took a chance on your type 1 coilovers and fell in love. I since have sold that car and picked up an mk5 R32 and knew the second I bought it I would buy another set of your coilovers for it and installed them this past Saturday, and again blown away with quality and how great they ride. Again THANK YOU! Keep up the good work

Robby H.

“The car runs great Benji! Thank you for the above and beyond service the techs perform on the car. And the exceptional customer service you and John provide me. NGP is the only shop i trust with my cars. Thank You!!”

Ian Creek

“NGP and John Martin:
I am so privileged to have earned your friendship and especially the long-term service NGP has provided me over the past 15 years.
During this time, Audis of various years have received excellent service, including several RS2 improved urS6 and S4 models, three Avants, 1991, 1995.5; 2002, and my B8S4 with full APR mods and other suspension/brake upgrades.
And the foremost challenge: “RS2URQ” a magnificent 1983 Zermatt coupe that has been a project car with NGP over 15 years.
Most recently you endeavored to improve:
S8 6 speed transmission linkage – Greatly improved slick shifting now
Cold Air Intake path – Nice custom cold air source
Rear locking Diff controls – Now functional
Locate and repair current drain – Fixed
Lubricated Delrin bushings to stop squeaks
The car is a historical dream of how an incredible machine can be greatly improved through careful upgrades.
It’s winter, and 20 years ago this car would be seeking snowfields to enjoy its superb snow traction.  Today, as its value increases, it will hibernate during inclement weather.
Thanks for your vehicle support. Best wishes for a profitable 2017 and don’t forget to select your choices for Audi Club support this year.
Best regards”

Phil Ackley

“I’m happy with how fast my order was processed and shipped.  I wasn’t expecting to recieve it in just 2 business days.  This really saved me a lot of time because although I only live 40 mins away from the store, I just didn’t have the time to drive up there.  Thanks and as always NGP came through with everything I need to bring my MK3 Jetta back from the dead.”

Robert P

“I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with you guys. I will be posting great things on the forums… Thanks”

Jason P

“Just wanted to let you guys know I received my order of dog-bone mount bushings. You told me it would be a week or so because they were on backorder and was pleasantly surprised to see them on the doorstep today. Thanks”

Matthew O

“Your shop is a necessity for VW enthusiasts and proof that the VW tuner world is still alive and strong…I called NGP and spoke with Scott, he sounded really down to earth. Then when I met him and explained what I was thinking with the suspension, we went through everything in detail. Then we talked about future plans with my car. I could not be happier. Scott is a true salesperson and an amazing customer service provider. He has an honest love of cars and he shares that with the customer. When we talked about different options for my car, it made me feel like we were creating a plan for the future of my car. I just wanted to let you guys know you do great work and there is more to being a VW tuner shop than just working on cars. I’ll definitely be back.”

Elliot F

“Nate / Dave / John,
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help & advice with the cam-set. The car feels really good throughout entire RPM range. You guys rock! Thanks!” 

Rob C.

“You guys are the best, hand down.”.

Brian M

“I ordered an engine mount bracket for my A2 GTI as well as cross-member bolts. Thank you very much for the fast service and shipping. I will be using you again.”


“Hey Dave and John, I just wanted to shoot you guys an email to let you know what great customer service I have received from Nate. I have been discussing suspension options for my GTI for the past couple weeks and Nate has always been very informative on every topic I have brought up. No matter what the topic, from dubs to College, He was always polite and informative. When I asked if they received commission for sales, as I wanted to go through him since he had been very helpful, He said he did not, but I could write to you and inform you about the quality of service I was given. Needless to say, It was top notch and now that I have the funds to do so, I will be ordering my FK shocks from Good Ol’ NGP. Thanks again” 

Wes M

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate you being at H20, you were real helpful down there and I’m glad you sell quality products. You guys did it again for me and I love dealing with you…. just thought you should know. Thanks again.”

Matthew O.

“To: Dave, Scott, Jason, The Techs, and Nate.

You guys are first class. A lot of tuners, when you call they act as if your wasting there time if you don’t want to spend $2000 on something. I’ve been working on VW’s for over 15yrs and I’ve dealt with just about every major VW tuner in the country you guys are definitely one of the better one’s, especially when it comes to customer service. Keep up the good work. You’ll definitely continue to get my business.”

David M

The Car looks better then I thought it would and the ride quality is excellent and I am very pleased with the materials installed, and for that matter the clean job the techs did with it. The clutch is sweet and smooth. I especially enjoyed the counter help from Jason and the call from Dave. As all ways Nate started me off with a no B.S. straight forward dialog that I used to make my decisions. Thank you to Scott for getting me in when it was convenient for ME. Anyway excellent job all way round and I owe you all one!”

Chris H

“I am going to tell you all again that I am extremely happy with all the modifications done to my 20th. I had a great time doing four hyper drive sessions this past Saturday. I will have to come in sometime and discuss how I can get a bit more horsepower. Just wanted to let you all know that this car is fun to drive on the track.”

Omar K

“Thanks for all your help. You might want to watch being so helpful, I might want to pester you with all my questions now…Ha!”

Greg S

“Price matching is something most aftermarket product shops can do. However, many of them do not have the kind of quality service you and Nate provide…and I will highly recommend your store, and your associate, Nate. I am confident enough that Nate will work to give me the best prices, and I know that everything will be perfect and expected (in terms of performance). Thanks a lot NGP, you really have shown what true customer service is. Good Luck!”

Jay C

“I was in last Friday to have my new suspension installed and an alignment. I wanted to compliment your shop on the great service and professional attitude. I will certainly drive the extra miles to patronize your shop for my future mod needs. I appreciated all the answers that your desk employee gave (he had short dark hair and an earring). He seems knowledgeable and didn’t talk down to me or treat me like just another customer or, worse, a “dumb female,” like many shops do. I also liked that you seem to be cognizant of the latest technology and employ the best techniques. Your shop is thorough and fun and a great place for a VW enthusiast to visit. It is clear that you truly enjoy your work and aren’t out just to make a buck.”

Rebecca S

“I just wanted to say that I am a new GTI owner and ran across your website and love how easy it is to navigate, and the prices you offer.” 

Aaron F

“Just wanted to thank you once again for seeing the whole purchase through from start to finish. I think this is how business should be done! Just wished there was more service like this from all online stores.” 

Hugh L

“You have been a big help. This is why you guys have such a great reputation and such a hardcore following. I remember when I had my 88 Scirocco, I needed some strut tower mounts cause I was installing new shocks and springs. This was on a Saturday. I called you guys like a hour before you were to close, and again, this was on a weekend. To my surprise, despite these parts being for such an old car, you guys had them. I knew I was going to be cutting it close time wise, and I don’t remember who was working the desk that day, but he was real cool and was like, I’ll be here, come on up. Right then I knew what every one was talking about on vortex and off.”

Eric F

“Thanks again for the info, its nice to know that customer service still exists, which makes the decision of where to buy very easy. Thanks.”

Kyle H

“NGP, Thank you very much for helping me out with the purchase of a speedo cable and gear for my 83 gti.”


“I appreciate all the work you guys did in finding me the clips I needed for my euro moldings. From now on I will be checking with you guys first when I need parts for my VW’s. Thanks.”

Sean H