034Motorsport Dynamic+ Software Now Available

034Motorsport Dynamic+ ECU and TCU software upgrades are now available at New German Performance! Both NGP locations are equipped to install Dynamic+ ECU and TCU upgrades and will be stocked with 034Motorsport’s Dynamic+ end-user flashing kits. To celebrate this addition to our tuning lineup we are offering free installation for all Dynamic+ ECU and TCU upgrades through the end of February!

For those unfamiliar, 034Motorsport has been tuning Volkswagen and Audi vehicles for more than 15 years. Their Dynamic+ performance software is designed to safely and reliably increase horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. Available in various octane-specific calibrations and tuning stages, Dynamic+ ECU tuning is flashed to your vehicle’s ECU via the factory OBD-II port. The Dynamic+ TCU DSG transmission software offers several improvements to the driving experience, including enabling launch control, optimizing shift points, and shortening shift speeds. The result of these changes is a transformed driving experience, with substantive gains in power, performance, refinement, and drivability that sets 034Motorsport Dynamic+ software apart from the competition!

We are excited to add Dynamic+ ECU and TCU tuning to our existing catalog of 034Motorsport performance products and are diligently updating our website to include these new tuning options. Click the image above or the product-specific links below to browse 034Motorsport upgrades on our site, or email us if you don’t yet see the 034Motorsport upgrades listed for your vehicle.