LIQUI MOLY Molygen Now Available

LIQUI MOLY’s performance-packed 5w40 Molygen synthetic oil is now available at both NGP locations and on our online store.

What makes LIQUI MOLY’s Molygen oil unique is what’s in the bottle- anti-wear and friction-fighting additives are blended with LIQUI MOLY’s synthetic oil to create an engine oil that significantly reduces engine wear while maintaining a flawlessly-running engine. LIQUI MOLY’s Molygen oil also glows under UV light, making leak detection much easier. All of this makes Molygen the ideal oil choice for the performance-oriented VW and Audi driver– perfect for the HPDE, Autocross, and track day enthusiast, those who enjoy spirited driving in their tuned or modified street vehicles, or those who just want additional friction and wear prevention in their engine.

Oil change kits for several Volkswagen and Audi applications are available on our site, for a limited time will include a free leak detection flashlight! We also have 1L bottles and 5L jugs of Molygen 5w40 synthetic oil available for purchase. Click or tap here to get yours.