Dinan Now Available at NGP

We are very excited to announce the addition of Dinan to our product lineup! For those unfamiliar, Dinan develops and manufactures high performance products for BMW and other vehicles, and has been the premiere North American BMW tuner since 1979. Dinan’s lineup of performance products includes ECU tuning, intake, exhaust, cooling, braking, and suspension upgrades for numerous BMW vehicles.

To browse our ever growing catalog of Dinan parts, click or tap here. Alternatively, you can click the breakout images below to shop specific product categories. As adding Dinan products to our site is a work in progress, please email us if you have a specific Dinan product inquiry for anything you don’t yet see on our site.


Best Sellers

Camber mounts, DINANTRONICS ECU upgrades, heat exchangers, exhaust systems and more make up our list of the best-selling and most-popular Dinan performance upgrades.


ECU Tuning

Available in a variety of performance levels for numerous BMW models, Dinan’s DINANTRONICS ECU upgrades will significantly increase your vehicle’s power output. DINANTRONICS ECU upgrades do not require any additional modifications, but can be paired with other upgrades like a Dinan intake system or heat exchanger to boost power and performance even


Exhaust Systems

Laser-engraved exhaust tips, built to use the factory valve actuators (where applicable), and a free-flowing design that increases power and boasts an aggressive exhaust note, Dinan exhaust systems are performance-oriented, direct-replacement upgrades that improve the performance and the sound of your BMW.


Intercoolers/Heat Exchangers

It’s simple- heat kills power and performance. Dinan intercoolers and heat exchangers feature more core volume and surface area as compared to their factory counterparts, this means cooler temps and more power. Pair them with DINANTRONICS ECU tuning to maximize power and performance.


Intake Systems

Dinan intake systems provide horsepower and torque increases and improved throttle response even when not paired with performance tuning or other modifications. Built of strong, lightweight carbon fiber, Dinan intake systems are capable of moving a higher volume of air more efficiently while keeping power robbing heat at bay. Additionally, this free-flowing design provides a sportier engine sound under acceleration.



Built for both the track and the street, Dinan camber plates, lowering springs, and sway bar kits will help keep your vehicle stable, responsive, and ready to take advantage of your other Dinan performance upgrades.


Turbo Upgrades

With Dinan turbocharger upgrades, the compressor wheel inside the turbocharger is increased in size to allow greater flow and higher boost pressures. These fully cast turbos are manufactured to Dinan specifications. To take full advantage of this upgrade, pair them with the DINANTRONICS Stage 4 ECU upgrade and a Dinan intercooler.