Schroth QuickFit Harness Systems Now Available

Strap in.

As enthusiasts we all all interested in making our cars handle, look, and  perform better. Increasing the safety of your car at the same time is something that is often overlooked, taken for granted, or simply brushed off as ‘too expensive.’ Most of us know about racing seats and harness systems, but the cost, complexity and compromise is too much on car you drive everyday. We however, have a solution: Schroth Quick Fit and Quick Fit Pro harness systems.

Designed as the ideal harness solution for dual-purpose vehicles, Schroth’s Quick Fit and Quick Fit Pro harness kits install and uninstall quickly, meaning you can go from daily driver to track event and back quickly and easily.  In addition to their quick installation, Schroth’s QuickFit systems also offer segment-leading saftey and performance features:

  • Schroth’s QuickFit and QuickFit Pro systems have been crash tested and utilize the factory seat belt mounting points, ensuring piece of mind and safe performance.
  • Both systems are modular and easily removed for daily use and re-installed for performance use. This is ideal for dual purpose cars and most enthusiast-level drivers.
  • Pricing of either QuickFit kit is a much less than a racing seat/harness/harness bar or roll bar combo.
  • The Quickfit Pro system is HANS compatible and upgradable to a 5- or 6-point system by adding an anti-sub strap, for ultimate safety.
  • Both systems are available for all late generation (mk4 and newer) VW/Audi models (except B6 Audi vehicles).

One of our veteran track day drivers recently installed the Quickfit Pro system in his MK5 GTI and had this to say about them:

“The build quality is exceptional, and the fit and finish is top notch. It uses 2″ belts which are actually safer than 3″ belts because of how they interact with your body, in the pelvis area specifically. The fact that they’re crash tested is huge, and the fact that the Quickfit Pro is HANS-compatible is likewise a big deal for those looking for maximum safety on track. Their modular construction lends itself to easy install, easy daily use (since you can uninstall them in minutes) and it all still maintains all the factory safety aspects like the airbag functionality. This really makes them an ideal solution for HPDE cars. Lastly, and this may seem unimportant, but the material they use for the belts is more comfortable than material used by cheaper options.”

Both systems are available in a variety of belt colors in our web store. You can find the QuickFit system here, and the QuickFit Pro kit here.