MSS Springs Now Available at NGP

DCC+? Yes!

Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), is the name given to the suspension system found on the latest-generation GTI, Golf R, A3, and S3 and is an electrically-adjustable damping system and an electromechanical power steering system which allows these vehicles to adapt automatically to different driving situations. Simply put- Dynamic Chassis Control adapts to you and your driving style. Until very recently, those that wanted to lower their DCC-equipped VW or Audi- and retain the DCC’s full functionality- were forced to choose fixed-height lowering springs that often did not pair well with the magnetically-adjustable OEM dampers.  Times have changed…

Developed with DCC in mind, MSS spring kits come in three different kit levels- Street, Sport, and Track- and two kit options within those levels: Standard height and Adjustable height. Track kits are only available in the Adjustable configuration. Their Standard kits come with a shorter fixed-height front spring (~15mm drop), and a height-adjustable rear spring (up to 30mm drop). The Adjustable kits matches a height-adjustable front spring (up to 30mm drop) to the adjustable rear setup from the Standard kit.  The modular nature of the MSS kits translates into an easy upgrade path- If you have a Standard kit fitted to your vehicle you do not need to re-purchase an entire suspension kit to upgrade to a full Adjustable setup.

MSS Street
A performance spring kit aimed at daily drivers equipped with either the factory (OE) Active or non-Active suspension system.

MSS Sport
A versatile performance spring kit developed exclusively on the Audi MagneRide™ Active  suspension system. This dual-purpose spring kit is ideal for daily drivers and the occasional track day attendee.

MSS Track
Specifically developed on the Audi MagneRide™ Active suspension for regular track users. The Track Pack is aimed at intermediate track user (with the ‘LS’ designed for the advanced track user). Both kits are more at home on race circuits than on the streets, and are an ideal partner for the factory (OE) Active or non-Active dampers. Fits vehicles with Active and Non-Active dampers.

You can view our ever-expanding list of MSS spring kits and applications By Clicking Here.