Wanna Go Fast 1/2 Mile Shootout Video

We drive what we build! To prove that we live by that motto, last month we took several of our big horsepower project cars to the Wanna Go Fast 1/2 mile runway shootout to put them through their paces. With a little over 2500 HP across the four cars we brought to play with, it was a fun event for sure.

We were especially proud to be able to test the upcoming stage 3 RS conversion kit on the 4.0T S6 that we brought with us. With a trap speed of 153 MPH in the standing 1/2 mile, we couldn’t be happier with the power output of this kit. To prove just how much this kit raises the levels of performance of the standard S6/S7 4.0T models, the APR tuned RS7 that we brought with us ran a trap speed of 155 MPH, putting a difference of only 2 mph between the two models. Keep an eye on our website for more details on this great kit! Be sure to keep an eye on our website for more details on this amazing kit as it nears official release.