Free Install Labor – APR Transverse 2.0T TSI K04

It’s that time of year again, we’ve stocked up on APR’s amazing TSI K04 kits to give you an equally amazing deal. While we still have stock, we’re giving away free installation labor with the purchase of any APR Transverse 2.0T TSI K04 kit.

The APR K04 upgrade kit is hands down one of the easiest ways to get a huge gain in power from the already potent 2.0T TSI engine. The K04 turbo is the perfect match for the 2.0T and it’s easy to see why VW and Audi chose to use it for their range topping Golf R, Audi TT-S and S3 models. When combined with the VAG 2.0T TSI engine, the extra boost created by the K04 produces great horsepower and torque curves that are well suited to spirited daily driving and even full track use. Through their testing APR has recorded figures as high as 360 HP and 382 LB/FT on 93 octane fuel – impressive gains to say the least. If those numbers aren’t enough for you, they also have a 100 octane mode that will further increase power output across the board.

So what sets APR’s K04 kit apart from the competition? Well for one, there’s the extra steps that APR takes to ensure that their kit works great in all driving conditions. Their K04 software has undergone thousands of hours of testing and development in both real world driving and full on racing situations. In addition, they are one of the only tuning companies to continue to update and improve their software well after the release of the original version. APR also goes the extra mile and improves on the physical components as well. This includes improvements such as removing the factory silencer and adding a CNC’d turbo outlet adaptor. They’re also the only company that uses a fully CNC’d compressor recirculation port which allows your diverter valve to be installed directly to the turbo without having to route extra piping or modify the throttle body pipe. All of these improvements build on APR’s “Performance Without Compromise” motto, which means that you get the performance you want, without having to worry about issues caused by poorly designed (or broken) parts or software.

Check out the complete list of included parts:

  • APR EMCS Software V3.1
  • APR Modified OEM K04 Turbocharger with Billet Compressor Wheel, Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold, N75 Solenoid and Wastegate Actuator
  • APR CNC Turbo Outlet Flange
  • APR Turbo to Turbo Outlet Flange O-Ring
  • APR Turbo to Turbo Outlet Screws (3x)
  • APR Turbo Outlet Silicon Hoses
  • APR Turbo Outlet Hose Clamps (2x)
  • APR CNC Compressor Cover DV Mounting Flange
  • APR Turbo to DV Mounting Flange O-Rings (2x)
  • APR Turbo to DV Mounting Flange Screws (3x)
  • OEM DV Mounting Screws (3x)
  • OEM DV Mounting Screw Lock Washers (3x)
  • OEM 3 bar MAP Sensor
  • APR Laser Cut PCV Port Cover
  • APR PCV Port Cover Gasket
  • OEM PCV Port Cover Screws (2x)
  • OEM PCV Port Cover Screw Lock Washers (2x)
  • OEM Turbo Manifold Gasket
  • OEM Turbo Manifold Nuts (4x)
  • OEM Downpipe Studs (4x)
  • OEM Downpipe Nuts (4x)
  • OEM Downpipe Gasket
  • OEM EVAP Line One Time Use Hose Clamps (3x)
  • OEM Oil Return Line Gasket (2x)
  • OEM Oil Feed Line Washers (2x)
  • OEM Coolant Feed Line Washers (2x)
  • OEM Coolant Return Line Washers (2x)

So if you’d like to gain 144+ HP and 164+ LB/FT with free installation labor, please feel free to contact one of our shops to setup an appointment today. And if you have any questions about any of the other great parts and services that we offer, feel free to ask us about those as well. Remember, this deal is only available while supplies last, so set up your appointment today and take advantage of this great deal while you can.

Check out the K04 kit in the gallery below.

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*Must purchase K04 kit at normal retail price of $2749.99 in order to get free labor.